St. Joseph Catholic Church

1050 Keller Avenue N• Amery, WI 54001 

(715) 268-7717 •

Office Hours: M-F 9:00 am -5:00 pm




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Jessica D'Ambrosio 

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            Fr. Gene Murphy



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From the south:  Take Highway 46 into Amery. Stay on  Hwy. 46 (Keller Avenue) through town. Just past North Park, at the top of the hill, turn right at  the St. Joseph sign on the east side of the road.

From the north:  On Highway 46 heading into Amery, turn left at the York Park sign before entering Amery. 



Contact us  to schedule an appointment with Father Gene.  We are always excited to hear from people who have an interest in our Christian community.  To receive parish census forms, contact the parish secretary. 

Envelopes are also located in the sanctuary to request census forms.


Donation Opportunities

Please contact JoAnne to request envelopes or to receive information on how to set up an automatic withdrawal.

Faith Formation Calendar 

Date         Time            Event

4/8            NO Classes Gr. PrK-5 @ SJ            

                  First Eucharist during Mass for SJ &  OLL Students  

4/11          5:30 pm    Social Hour @ OLL & SJ

                  6:30 pm    Classes Gr. K-11 @ OLL

                  6:30 pm    Classes Gr. 6-11 @ SJ

                  6:30 pm      Confirmation/Candidate Meeting @ SJ 

4/15          9:00 am      Classes Gr. PrK-5 @ SJ

                  9:00 am      Server Training @ SJ 

4/18          5:30 pm    Social Hour @ OLL & SJ

                  6:30 pm    Classes Gr. K-11 @ OLL

                  6:30 pm    Classes Gr. 6-11 @ SJ

                  6:45 pm      Pivotal Players @ SJ


Schedules, Calendars, Forms - Where to Look

The Parish Communication Center is the place to look for any forms and schedules you might need. And where is THAT? Stand with your back to the door of the Parish office, turn 90° to your left. Go ahead 5 paces, now turn 90° to your right. Proceed 5 paces. If you hit the wall, you’ve gone too far! Information is also available online.


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