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 Liturgical Roles

Sat., September 24th - 4 pm

Reader:   Jean Goossen

Ministers of Communion:  Crosses

Ushers:  Mary Fouks, Bobbie Griffith, Marian Fox, Kelly Stephenson

Servers: Jenna Driscoll, Alaina Driscoll

Music:  Volunteer

Sun., September 25th - 10:30 am

Reader:   Larry Wojchik

Ministers of Communion:  Crosses

Ushers: Steve & Becky Schmidt, Nick & Lisa Valentine

Servers: Lydia Monson, Ella Schmidt, J Byrnes

Music:  Shanin Henningsgard

Video: Baldwin’s 

Sat., October 1st - 4 pm

Reader:   Ralph Weber

Ministers of Communion:  Crosses

Ushers:  Jim & Doris Mitchell

Servers: Jaclyn Andersen, Megan Andersen

Music:  Gary & Arlene Dado

Sun., October 2nd - 10:30 am

Reader:   Meredith Oman

Ministers of Communion:  Crosses

Ushers: David & Therese Doroff & Family, Brian & Laurie Byrnes & Family

Servers: Sam Otto, Andy Otto,

Jacob Fansler

Music:  St. Joseph Choir

Video: Seidl’s


Music Schedule 

9/24   Mens Choir

9/25   Sheeran Gallagher/Shanin Henningsgard

10/1   Gary & Arlene

10/2   St. Joseph Choir 

10/8  Cindy Morton

10/9   Mens Choir

10/15  Rick Dado

10/16  Cindy Morton

10/22  Mens Choir

10/23  Sheeran Gallagher


10/30 St Joseph Choir


Mass Intentions For The Week

Saturday, September 24

4:00 pm       Catherine Steblay by Gerald/Janell Ahlin  SJ

6:00 pm    People of the Parish Cluster                    OLL

Sunday, September 25

8:30 am      Lawrence Stencil by Larry/Gail Stencil   OLL

10:30 am    Caron Fellner by Mark Fellner                  SJ

Monday, September 26

9:00 am       Communion Service                                  SJ

Tuesday, September 27

9:00 am   Communion Service                                    SJ

5:30 pm        Communion Service                                OLL

Wednesday, September 28

9:00 am      Evelyn Jackelen by Sidney Jones             SJ

Thursday, September 29

9:00 am      Perry Koeppen by Jim Beistle                OLL

Friday, September 30

9:00 am     Communion Service                                  SJ

Saturday, October 1

4:00 pm    John/Charolette Schanon by MK Schanon SJ

6:00 pm    Earls Gerads by John Harren                   OLL

Sunday, October 2

8:30 am      Walter Wienke by Bernita Wienke          OLL

10:30 am    Marlene Grasser by Kim Grasser             SJ  


Ministry Opportunities

St. Joseph is looking for someone to run our cluster youth ministry program, oversee all sacramental prep for the cluster and/or lead the adult bible studies. If you or someone you know is interested in any of these positions please get in touch with Melissa or JoAnne at the St. Joseph parish office.  


Catholicism Series

Catholicism Series will continue at OLL on Wednesday, October 12th 6:30 pm and SJ on Wednesday, September 28th at 6:30 pm. Developing our relationship to Christ is life long, so we are happy to be putting on an event for all adults. Fr. Gene will be leading an adult discussion group on a video series called “Catholicism” during faith formation classes. This series is an exciting look at Catholicism. All adults and parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  


Backpack Fundraiser

The Salvation Army sends backpacks with food home to students who receive free and reduced lunches in area schools. They are asking churches to collect personal hygiene products to be added to the backpacks. The thought behind the drive is that children are being targeted for bullying in schools because of personal hygiene issues. To no fault of their own, they often times have no choice. Each month there will be one specific item to collect. For the month of October we will be collecting Toothpaste.  We will have a basket for the collection by the bulletin board in the gathering area. 


Catholic Services Appeal

The 2016/2017 Catholic Services Appeal will be held the weekend of September 10th and 11th in our parishes. The Appeal is an opportunity for us, as a faith family, to join together to do the work of the Lord. All families are encouraged to support the Catholic Services Appeal. By giving to the Catholic Services Appeal, you are answering God’s call to discipleship to put the work of God before your own needs. The Church serves each of us in some way and our financial support is needed to continue God’s work in our area. In addition, every dollar contributed to the Appeal assists our parish in offsetting our yearly diocesan assessment responsibly to our Diocesan Church. This year our assessment @ SJ is $30,945 and @ OLL is $27,416. Please give generously.

Joining the Catholic Church

Were you raised in another church, but worship with us often, and wonder about some of our practices and beliefs? Or has the Holy Spirit been prompting you, a baptized Catholic, to complete your initiation into the Church by receiving the sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation? Then the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) may be just what you’re seeking!  Classes will begin in the Fall.  Contact SJ or OLL offices for more information.


Red Cross Blood Drive

  Monday, October 10th

from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. 217 Deronda Street, Amery To schedule an appointment,  please call Vicki at  715-268-6271 

Your donation could save a life… or three!


Raffle and Tailgate Party

Sunday, September 25th @ St. Joes 11:30 am

Packers VS Lions & Vikings VS Panthers

Large Screen TV’s / Games & Raffle

Meal & Refreshments Provided Free Will Offering


August Calendar Raffle Winners

15th     $20       #3310          Pat Cwayna                 Amery, WI

16th     $20        #3607          Meredith Oman           Amery, WI

17th     $25        #4528          Amy Jo Tolzman         Amery, WI

18th     $50      #4108           Nancy Sauve              Amery, WI

19th     $20        #3068          Patricia Carlson          Amery, WI

20th     $20        #4059          Jim Leisz                    Amery, WI

21st      $20          #3132          Milton Johnson           Amery, WI


If you would like to have your weekly donation done by automatic withdrawal, click the link to fill out the form and return it to the office. Click here


Parish Office Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

1050 N. Keller Avenue,  Amery, WI 54001

Phone: (715) 268-7717,   Fax: (715) 268-9986